Photo by Luca Piras, featuring Stüssy and Our Legacy

STÜSSY Founded in 1980, Stüssy began when founder Shawn Stüssy, who had long been scrawling his signature on surfboards, first began applying it to basic T-shirts and selling them around his hometown of Laguna Beach, California. Initially embraced by beachwear and surf culture, Stüssy has since become a staple of hip hop and streetwear scenes worldwide. With an aesthetic that is raw and immediate, the brand delivers garments and accessories that communicate an aspirational, yet attainable lifestyle.

OUR LEGACY Stockholm-based label Our Legacy began in 2005 as a line of t-shirts created by friends Cristopher Nying and Jockum Hallin, who went on to release their first full collection in 2008. Drawing inspiration from a diverse set of global and vintage sources, their look is both timeless and fresh, with a conceptual approach that keeps them independent of trends.